Tailored Software

For more than a decade, E-Base Interactive has been writing software solutions focused on solving the unique business needs of its clients. This process places great emphasis on reducing work cycles, aggregating data, delivering the appropriate accurate information to the proper individuals in real time and improving organizational efficiency.

Solutions place great emphasis on User Experience Design where graphic design, content placement and copywriting catalyze the effectiveness of those using the system. Often the final solutions tie into legacy systems, external data stores and have interfaces that are both web and client-server.

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Web Site Design

Like its software development services, E-Base's web site design first begins with identification and assessment of the Client's objectives and then evolves into User Experience Design. User Experience Design is critical to ensuring the web site has the potential to meet its goals and places emphasis on Graphic Design, Content, and the arrangement of information on each screen. E-Base then uses the appropriate technologies to develop the web site best suited to accomplish the Client objectives. Often integrating with internal and external data stores to communicate information to the public and trusted visitors alike.

E-Base assists its Clients with selecting the proper hosting vendor and offers ongoing support and web site promotional services.


E-Base Interactive has a backoffice staff trained in data processing and teleservices. E-Base's teleservices are typically focused on efforts such as collection of accounts receivable balances, system support, mail orders, inquiries from web sites and outbound follow-up on leads. We employ experienced teleservice agents and support their activities through a custom Call Center application developed in-house to flexibly integrate with a variety of VoIP platforms and applications for a seamless service experience. Teleservices can be procured on a per hour or per unit basis. The price for E-Base teleservices are often less expensive than the cost of employment.

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Data Processing

E-Base Interactive's backoffice staff performs data processing services for its clients, often integrating directly into a client's business process. Data processing may take the form of processing applications or registrations where E-Base will review the information, accept/reject the form, data key the information and provide it back to the Client within 24 hours. Data keying is often dual entered and matched for accuracy, depending on the client requirement. E-Base also performs online research and follow-up calls to validate and improve information provided. Data processing also includes ad hoc assignments such as processing electronic files and returning the results in a specified format. Data processing services are often charged per unit.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become more and more critical to achieving success online. E-Base takes great care to understand the Client's objectives and its target audience. Offering our Clients an honest assessment of the content they are attempting to share, we often assist with reshaping the message prior to reaching out to the audience. And when we do reach out, we do so in a respectful unobtrusive manner that brings visitors who have a desire to be there. Using proper messaging, respecting the audience and offering opt-in information through social media outlets allows our clients to get the right visitors, convey the proper information and achieve their business objectives.

Graphical Design

E-Base has an experienced graphic design team. In addition to designing web site and software interfaces, they also perform more traditional design services. These services include: Banner, newspaper and magazine ads, image processing, digitizing content and book layout/design. E-Base's graphic design team integrates directly with its client's business processes.


Chrome 10 and JavaScript

We have been hearing about the "boost in JavaScript performance" news from various browser developers. Earlier, Mozilla was claiming an "up to 60% increase in JavaScript performance" in the new Firefox 4. Google says Chrome 10 was able to improve it by 12%, which is a comparable number as the Chrome JavaScript performance was already superior to other browsers. 

What does this tell me? Two things: 1) JavaScript is holding strong as the main language in developing interactive user interfaces despite the existence of proprietary tools such as Adobe's Air and Microsoft's Silverlight. 2) A web browser is the platform of choice to host user interfaces, gradually replacing those of proprietary desktop software.

Will this run faster now?

More on Chrome 10's JavaScript performance at networkworld.com



Firefox 4 released!

Firefox 4 release is available for download.

Check-out this video for an overview of the changes:


iPhone and NFC

Given iPhone's installation base, this rumored new feature may very well start an inevitable revolution in mobile commerce.  

iPhone 4

Read more at huffingtonpost.com


5 iPad Apps for Wireframing & Brainstorming

iPad is becoming an efficient platform for quick and dirty user interface design. The article on thenextweb.com discusses the 5 popular iPad wireframing apps.

I personally use OmniGraffle, as 1) The iPad interface is very intuitive and simple. 2) I can edit the same illustration both on iPad OmniGraffle and Mac OS X OmniGraffle. 3) I can export my illustrations to Microsoft Visio or most other vector editing apps out there.

OmniGraffle for iPad

Here is the original article: 5 iPad Apps for Wireframing & Brainstorming


Straightforward and simple way to allow your customers to upload files to your webpage using dropbox

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